Who has custody of a child born out of wedlock in NC?

Answer The mother. The father have to petition the court for custody.

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Who gets custody of child born out of wedlock?

The mother almost always gets the child when said child is born out of wedlock. There are exceptions, primarily if it can be proven that the mother is "unfit," as defined by the law. At least this ... Read More »

What does child born out of wedlock mean?

It means that the mother and father of the child were not married

What custodial rights does an illegal immigrant father have to a child born out of wedlock with a US citizen?

Answer US law presumes that an unmarried mother has sole custodial rights to a child until the court rules otherwise.This applies to US citizen fathers as well as non citizen fathers.Before custodi... Read More »

When a child is born to a minor child age sixteen does that child have legal custody of the newborn baby?

ANSWER:Yes. Regardless of your age, you are still the mother. You will have legal custody unless those rights are terminated by the Court.