Which director has the most movies in your top 30 favorite movies of all time?

Answer I only have a top 20 for sure. I haven't yet written 21-30 in stone.The strange thing is, just almost every one is by a different director.There are 2 by Kubrick (A Clockwork Orange & 2001)There ar... Read More »

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Here's my situ..I'v been the most ill I'v been in a while - hosp for a month just before Christmas?

Thrush is an oral yeast infection usually caused by high levels of antibiotics but it doesn't necessarily mean that your immune system was weakened, just that the antibiotics killed the good bacter... Read More »

Movies That Robin Williams Has Been in?

Robin Williams has acted in more than 60 movies, ranging from zany comedies to darkly brooding dramas. He was nominated for Academy Awards three times for his roles in "Good Morning Vietnam" (1987)... Read More »

In what movies has Jennifer tilly been in?

bride of chucky,seed of chucky,bound,liar liar

What movies has the second waltz been the theme?