Who had the idea of making the ipad 2?

Answer The iPad 2 was just the second generation update of the original iPad. The iPod Touch and the iPad actually apparently started development at the same time, born from the idea of Steve Jobs, for an... Read More »

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Which is better the ipad mini or the Lenovo idea tab 10.1?

iPad Mini. More educational apps and kids games, plus you can get a kid-proof case for the iPad Mini.

Why do you think making a four year old kid learn his letters a good idea?

"Making" won't work on a 4 year old. You have to make him think it was his idea.Use alternative methods for learning: writing letters in shaving cream, making them with playdough, using paint/mar... Read More »

My grandfather passed away.. my dad is making a CD with pictures, and he needs an idea for a song to play. .?

Either "God Only Cries" by Diamond Rio… or"Hear You Me" by Jimmy Eat World…I think the first one would be perfect... Read More »

The after effects of strattera are making my life this a good idea?

Talk to your psychiatrist. Chances are, you were not prescribed the wrong medicine for your condition, but it might very well be the wrong medicine for you.Under side effects, RxList Reports, " Les... Read More »