Who governs Georgia condo laws?

Answer Your question could be re-phrased to read "Who enforces condominium law in Georgia." Most every state has a set of laws in place which apply directly to condominiums, co-ops and other forms of shar... Read More »

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Is it against the laws of privacy for a condo board member to disclose at member meeting someones payment history of condo fees also if they are current or not?

Generally, it would be appropriate to discuss past due condo fees and who owes them at a member meeting. However, you should review all the condominium documents to determine if that action is spec... Read More »

Florida Laws on Condo Liens?

Liens placed on condominiums fall under the guidelines of real estate liens. In the state of Florida, any individual who has done work on property or has provided materials for an individual under ... Read More »

State of Florida Condo Laws?

In the state of Florida, there are many condominium developments, either owner-occupied or rentals. The need for "snowbird" retiree and tourist accommodations is the primary reason why there are so... Read More »

Florida Condo & Homeowner Laws?

Florida statutes contain laws concerning the rights and obligations of homeowners, condominium developers and homeowners' associations. The statutes contain provisions which outline the rights of t... Read More »