Who gets to vote in primary elections?

Answer This depends on the type of primary held in a state. A closed primary allows only people who register as a member of the party who is holding the election to vote in it. An open primary allows vote... Read More »

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Can you vote during primary elections if you are unaffiliated?

Whether a registered voter may vote in a primary without being affiliated with a political party depends on the state in which he resides. In closed primaries, a voter may vote only if he is affili... Read More »

Can Puerto Ricans vote in U.S. elections?

Puerto Ricans can not vote in U.S. presidential elections. Puerto Rico also does not have any voting representation in the Senate or House of Representatives. Puerto Rico governs itself and control... Read More »

Does Guam vote in U.S. presidential elections?

The U.S. territory of Guam can vote to send delegates to each major party's conventions when choosing a nominee for president, but Guam residents cannot vote in the actual presidential election, ac... Read More »

Can Prison Inmates Vote in Presidential Elections?

A citizen's right to vote in a country's presidential election is determined by that country's primary law. In the United States, the primary law of the land is the United States Constitution. The ... Read More »