Who gets the no insurance ticket for driving another persons car?

Answer AnswerUltimately, the driver is responsible for everything that happens while the vehicle is moving. The DRIVER is supposed to verify that the vehicle he is driving has insurance.I have been in thi... Read More »

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If someone gets a ticket while driving another persons car will the owners insurance notify them?

Answer No, the state does not notify insurance companies each time a person gets a ticket. It is up to the insurance companies to periodically get a persons driving record. Surprising to most peop... Read More »

If you are driving a friends car and are stopped by the police and your friend has no insurance who gets the ticket?

Answer You should split it. It's only fair! Answer the driver

How will a 3-point careless driving ticket for a 17 year old in Michigan affect car insurance rates his driver's license?

Answer it will defiantly affect the premiums and depending on the insurance company they might drop him.

If you hit your own car while driving another persons car is there coverage?

Answer The Property Damage coverage on the car you were driving should cover the damage to your own car. In the event that the car you were driving didn't have insurance coverage then you may be a... Read More »