Who gets mongolian spots?

Answer Mongolian spots, also known as Mongolian blue spots, are benign spots on the skin that are deep brown, gray or bluish-black and are often mistaken for bruises. Anyone can have Mongolian spots, but ... Read More »

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Thoughts on mongolian bbq?

I usually get chicken, noodles, 3 eggs, soy sauce, and mix it with white rice.:)

About the Mongolian Composite Bow?

The ancient Mongols of the Eurasian steppe lived in a harsh environment. Hunting and survival skills were vital in order for these tribesmen to flourish. The development of the Mongolian composite ... Read More »

Mongolian Deserts?

Located in southern Mongolia and northwestern China, the Gobi desert is the world's fifth-largest desert, spanning 1.3 million square kilometers. Due to the large size and inhospitable climate and ... Read More »

Does anyone know of Mongolian Grill?

There are alot of mongolian bbqs around that are called that. But yeah...they are fantastic.