Who gets flag-draped caskets?

Answer A coffin draped with the American flag is a powerful and sobering reminder of those who have served their country. This national honor is extended to military veterans, active service members and f... Read More »

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What is the meaning of a flag-draped casket?

When a present or former service member dies, the United States military honors that person with several special gestures. These include the placement of the American flag over the casket.MeaningDr... Read More »

Who gets the flag at a military funeral?

It is customary at the end of a funeral of an active service member or veteran of the military that the flag that is draped over the coffin before burial is presented to the next of kin by the mili... Read More »

When a father who was a soldier dies who gets the flag?

The wife would. In the absence of a wife, it would be the parents. In the absence of parents, it would be the closest blood relative.

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