Who gets custody when only one parents name is on the birth certificate in CA?

Answer I don't know about California per se, but generally custody goes to the mother, especially if paternity has not been established, until/unless changed by the courts.

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Ill be 17 and my bf be 19 when my son is due. If i put his name down on the birth certificate will he or still me gets all the rights or something?

Answer If you don't want to put the birth father down on the certificate you don't have too, but for the sake of your baby you should. You didn't mention if this young man and you were staying to... Read More »

Can you give full custody to your parents if the father is not willing but is on the birth certificate?

No. The father must consent. The request for guardianship must be approved by the court and the court will notify the father. He will have the opportunity to object at the hearing and the court wil... Read More »

When there is no father listed on birth certificate can a mother change the last name of her child to the step parents last name?

Ex is winning custody but how he lies and gets away with it he only came into my 4 yr olds life last year when child support caught up to him and he has custody for now but reopen case how do i win?

Answer first ask your self why you dont have your kids what did you do wrong get your self stable, show that he is un fit prove it make every thing work in your favor dont put him down in front of ... Read More »