Who gets credit for scoring a touchdown?

Answer According to the National Football League, when the football crosses the goal line and into the end zone, a touchdown equaling 6 points is realized. The person who is in possession of the ball when... Read More »

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What does a B-C-D house credit scoring mean?

B-C-D credit grade refers to the quality level of your credit score as determined by the mortgage company. A "B" grade is given to a credit score that is at least 620, a "C" grade for a credit scor... Read More »

What Effect Did Credit Scoring Have at First?

Credit reporting began when small retailers shared information about their customers. As the system developed, credit bureaus emerged and the system begun adopting a formal statistical method to d... Read More »

UK Credit Scoring Criteria?

When assessing an application for credit, individual lenders have their own criteria on which they rate borrowers. But they also rely on the information held on your credit file by credit bureaus--... Read More »

What Is the FICO Credit Scoring Range?

FICO credit scores, developed by the Fair Isaac Corporation, range from 300 to 850. Credit scores near or above 700 indicate high financial responsibility and lenders are more likely to award loans... Read More »