Who gets a Super Bowl ring from the winning team?

Answer The National Football League pays for 150 rings for the Super Bowl winning team. Players, coaches, staff, the team owner and other people affiliated with the team receive the rings based on the own... Read More »

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Does the losing team receive a Super Bowl ring?

According to Eric Neel of ESPN Sports, members of the losing team do receive Super Bowl rings. Rings are designed after the game by the each team and manufactured at a place of their choosing. The ... Read More »

Who is the first Super Bowl MVP from a losing team?

Chuck Howley of the Dallas Cowboys was the first player from the losing side to be the Most Valuable Player in a Super Bowl. Howley, a linebacker, had two interceptions and recovered one fumble in ... Read More »

Who gets Super Bowl rings?

According to the Associated Press, the winning NFL team gets up to 150 Super Bowl rings to dispense as they see fit. Lower-level employees may get one, but usually not one as expensive as the rings... Read More »

How was the first Super Bowl different from the Super Bowl today?

The first Super Bowl wasn't called the Super Bowl. The Jan. 15, 1967, game was a meeting between two rival pro football leagues. It was a far cry from the mega-event in the 21st century.The NameThe... Read More »