Who founded Gideon Bibles?

Answer According to The Gideons International, John H. Nicholson, Samuel E. Hill and Will J. Knights founded the organization on July 1, 1899, in Janesville, Wisconsin. Members of the group started "The B... Read More »

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How to Learn a Language Using Audio Bibles for Native Pronunciation in Modern Bibles?

Do you want to learn to converse well in another language such as studying and living abroad with any of them, whether Dutch, Greek, Sranan-tongo, or Spanish. Here is how to study a language mostly... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Gideon?

The name "Gideon" means "mighty warrior." In the Bible, the story of Gideon is found in Judges 6-8, which tells how Gideon saved the Israelites from their enemy, the Midianites.References:Parents C... Read More »

How many Bibles have been sold?

According to the Bible Society, 2,458,000,000 Bibles were printed between 1816 and 1975. A later survey reaching into the 1990s found the number had risen to about 6 billion. That does not include ... Read More »

When were bibles taken out of schools?

In 1963 the Supreme Court made devotional bible reading by school faculty in the classroom unconstitutional. This law applies to any government employee as well. Students are allowed to engage in ... Read More »