Who founded Gateway computers?

Answer Gateway Computers was founded by Ted Waitt in 1985, in a farmhouse in Iowa. Waitt started the computer company with a short business plan, a loan for $10,000 and a computer, which was rented. It is... Read More »

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What year was Gateway computers founded?

The Gateway computer company was founded in 1985 by Ted Waitt. Waitt started the company with a $10,000 loan co-signed by his grandmother. At that time, all Waitt had was his start-up funds, one co... Read More »

Are Gateway computers reliable?

On One Hand: It Is ReliableAccording to All Business, Gateway computers are reliable. Computer users express satisfaction with the reliability of the brand, both with their desktop PCs and their la... Read More »

Are Gateway computers proprietary?

The components of the Gateway computers are developed by outside companies, so Gateway computers are not proprietary in that sense. However, the CPU setup for Gateway laptops and the Gateway One ZX... Read More »

Who is the founder of Gateway Computers?

Gateway computers had two founders, Ted Waitt and Mike Hammond, who started out in 1985 as TIPC Network, selling mail-order hardware and software peripherals from Sioux City, Iowa, to Texas Instrum... Read More »