Who found out that planets move in elliptical orbits?

Answer German astronomer Johannes Kepler discovered the planets elliptical order of movement, distance and speed around the sun. Through observation, Kepler introduced three laws to prove his findings, wh... Read More »

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Why do planets have elliptical orbits?

Early physics students learn that objects almost never move naturally in a perfect circle. This is particularly true in the case of planets, whose motion is influenced by the gravitational effect o... Read More »

Who surmised the planetary orbits to be elliptical?

In 1609 Johannes Kepler published "Astronomia Nova", in which his first two laws of planetary motion are given. These laws state that the orbits of planets are elliptical and that the area swept by... Read More »

What force keeps planets in their orbits?

The gravity of the sun keeps the planets in orbit. The planets were originally formed from a cloud of gas and dust that rotated around the sun. After they were formed, they continued their rotation... Read More »

How Fast Do Planets Rotate Around Their Orbits?

While one planet may take years to complete an orbit around a star, another may zoom around a star in days. To measure the orbits of other planets, scientists use Earth's one-year orbit as the stan... Read More »