Who fought in the battles of Trafalgar and Austerlitz?

Answer The British Royal Navy fought against and defeated allied Spanish and French forces at the Battle of Trafalgar. At the Battle of Austerlitz, Napoleon's French army defeated Tsar Alexander I's Russi... Read More »

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Where was the Battle of Trafalgar fought?

The British Navy engaged a fleet of Spanish and French ships at the Battle of Trafalgar in the Atlantic Ocean west of Cape Trafalgar, Spain, and north of the Strait of Gibraltar on October 21, 1805... Read More »

What state had more Revolutionary War battles fought?

While fighting was widespread throughout the colonies from the years 1775 to 1781, the majority of battles during the American Revolution took place in what is now the state of New York. Some notab... Read More »

Battles That the Fluvanna Militia Fought in During the Revolutionary War?

Faced with the choice between submission to the British crown or joining the American rebellion, many towns formed their own militias in order to support the cause for American independence. The to... Read More »

Where is Cape Trafalgar?

Cape Trafalgar is located in southwest Spain in the province of Cadiz. The Battle of Trafalgar--a famous naval battle between the British and a combined French and Spanish fleet--occurred off the c... Read More »