Who flattened their baby's heads in Mexico?

Answer The Mayans.

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Why do babys get a bold patch at the back of their heads?

It is simply because they lie on their backs a lot and the constant rubbing on the back of their heads wears the hair off.

Why do monks shave their heads?

For centuries, monks have voluntarily shaved their heads as a form of religious expression. Monks shave off either all their hair or only part of it, depending on the religious order they are in. H... Read More »

Who wears turbans on their heads?

Turbans are head coverings that consist of a piece of cloth wound around the top of the head, and are worn by several groups of people. Men who follow the Sikh religion wear turbans. Some men in In... Read More »

Why do friars shave their heads?

When friars shave their head, they are practicing tonsure, the physical demonstration of their commitment to the service of God. This centuries-old practice is rarely seen among Catholic clergy tod... Read More »