Who first produced neon lamps?

Answer French chemist Georges Claude produced the world's first neon lamp in 1910. He later patented the invention and put the neon lamp to its first commercial use (how it's used most frequently today) i... Read More »

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Who invented the neon lamps?

The inventor of neon lighting was Frenchman Georges Claude. He began wowing crowds in Paris around 1910 with his signs, made up of glowing tubes of glass. Electricity passed through these tubes, ma... Read More »

Who produced a neon light first?

Georges Claude, a French inventor and scientist, discovered that you could seal neon gas inside a glass tube and charge it with an electric current to create a light. 20 years after this initial di... Read More »

How much longer do fluorescent lamps last than incandescent lamps?

According to, a compact fluorescent lightbulb (CFL) lasts about 10 times longer than an incandescent one. notes that a 13-watt CFL can burn for 10,000 hours, whereas an inca... Read More »

Can one use 20W fluorescent tube lamps as a substitute to 40W lamps?

Yes they will work if they fit the fixture.... They will only draw the 20 watts they need to operate, so No, you will not blow the 20W lamps.... Ensure however that the lamps you will be using are ... Read More »