Who first invented the lemon battery?

Answer In 1800, Alessandro Volta discovered that an acidic mixture of lemon juice served as an effective conductor of electrons between two dissimilar metals. While the grade school lemon battery itself w... Read More »

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What do you need to make a lemon battery?

To make a lemon battery, essentially all that is needed is a lemon, two pieces of metal (one that gives away electrons, and another that takes electrons, commonly copper and zinc) and connectors to... Read More »

How to Create a Battery from a Lemon?

How to create a voltaic cell battery using a lemon.

Who made the first lemon battery?

The battery was invented in 1800 by scientist Alessandro Volta. The principal is that, according to, the "electrochemical reaction occurs between the aluminum tubing (the anode ele... Read More »

Can a lemon serve as a battery?

A lemon can serve as a battery because its citric juice can serve as an acidic solution to provide a current between two different metals. This type of battery is called a voltaic battery because i... Read More »