Who first experimented with hydrogen-fueled cars?

Answer Although hydrogen fuel cells have been around since the early 1800s, General Motors became the first company to use hydrogen fuel to power an automobile. In 1996, General Motors produced the GM Ele... Read More »

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Are hydrogen-powered cars better for the environment than diesel&petrol-powered cars?

On One Hand: Hydrogen is the Cleanest Burning FuelThe advantage of burning hydrogen over any other fuel is that when hydrogen burns it combines with oxygen and the only emission from this reaction ... Read More »

Can H2 Hummers be fueled with 87 octane gas?

H2 Hummers can run on 87 octane gas. Sometimes, after installing a power programmer to increase horsepower and torque, Hummers may require a higher-level octane gas, but in most cases they run jus... Read More »

Has the Coast Guard ever experimented with using live animals in any search and rescue project?

Generally no, it is covered under fraternization in the military.

Do-It-Yourself Hydrogen Add-On for Cars?

Add a hydrogen conversion kit to any standard gasoline vehicle to run the engine on clean-burning hydrogen instead. You can fuel the car with water, to be burned as hydrogen and oxygen. Water vapor... Read More »