Who first discovered major depression?

Answer The Egyptians first recognized the state of depression and the power of suggestion as a remedy. However, Hippocrates was the first physician to give the ailment a name and offer medical treatment. ... Read More »

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When was Ursa Major first discovered?

Ursa Major, the "Big Bear," is a constellation first mentioned in the works of Ptolemy, Aratos of Soli and Eudoxos of Knidos. It is also referenced twice in the Bible's Book of Job. In 1869, Richar... Read More »

Who discovered depression&when?

Ancient Egyptians were the first recorded culture to diagnose and try to treat depression, but they called it a "dryness of the heart" or a "kneeling of the mind."Ancient Greeks and MelancholyHippo... Read More »

Who discovered manic depression?

The symptoms of manic depression were first noticed by Aretaeus of Cappadocia, though they were not published until 1650 in Richard Burton's book, "The Anatomy of Melancholia." Jules Falret coined ... Read More »

When was freezing point depression discovered?

It's hard to say when freezing point depression was "officially" discovered. It was first documented by the ancient Greeks of Aristotle's time (384-322 B.C.) and observed by Joseph Black in the 176... Read More »