Who first calculated pi?

Answer Archimedes, a Greek mathematician, was the first to calculate pi around the year 250 BC. He calculated pi by dividing the circumference of a circle by the diameter. The value of pi remains the same... Read More »

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How is tax calculated?

Paying taxes in the United States can be a confusing project, and a whole industry has been built around streamlining and interpreting tax law. Income is the primary factor in personal taxes, but t... Read More »

How is ssi calculated?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides supplemental security income (SSI) to qualifying low-income elderly and disabled individuals who have an insufficient work history to qualify for f... Read More »

How is the vix calculated?

The VIX represents stock market volatility, and it is calculated by an algorithm comprised of various stock option derivatives (puts, calls, and so forth). The VIX generally is referred to as the "... Read More »

How is AGI calculated?

AGI stands for adjusted gross income. Your adjusted gross income is a tax term used to describe your taxable income after you have taken certain deductions.CalculationYou find your adjusted gross i... Read More »