Who files a federal tax return?

Answer Did you know that not everyone has to file a federal tax return? Gross income is the primary consideration in determining whether you must file a federal return. However, even if you are not requir... Read More »

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Can you e-file a federal return&mail a state return?

While it is recommended that taxpayers file their state return at the same time that they file their federal return, it is possible to e-file your federal return and file your state return by mail.... Read More »

Do you have to file state Alabama tax return if you file a federal return?

The state of Alabama requires residents to file a state tax return in addition to the federal tax return. Alabama state income tax forms are available online from the Alabama Department of Revenue.... Read More »

How to Calculate Federal Tax Return?

No matter how much money you make or what you do for a living, taxes are a fact of life. Filing your federal income tax return can be complicated, but breaking each section of the return down can m... Read More »

Federal Tax Return Questions?

Every year, consumers either dread or look forward to income tax filing. It can be a time when refunds are paid to some, while others owe the IRS money. Tax filing can be a confusing time, and aski... Read More »