Who enforces the Safe Drinking Water Act?

Answer The Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water at the Environmental Protection Agency enforces the Safe Drinking Water Act, setting the rules for all public water departments to follow to ensure qua... Read More »

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Does artificially fluoridating the population's tap water violate the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)?

If it was grandfathered in, then it can't violate the act. That's what grandfathering means.And I will never understand the nutjob conspiracy theories about water fluoridation. Every reputable scie... Read More »

Who were the sponsors of the Safe Drinking Water Act?

The federal Safe Drinking Water Act, enacted in 1974 and amended several times, was introduced in January 1973 by U.S. Sen. Warren Magnuson from Washington State. The bill was created to protect th... Read More »

Ontario Safe Water Drinking Act?

The Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act was passed in Ontario to regulate the quality of drinking water after the Walkerton Tragedy in May 2000, which caused widespread illness and at least seven death... Read More »

How safe is the drinking water in southern Ohio?

The drinking water in Cincinnati, located in southern Ohio, meets all the standard levels put forth by the United States Environment Protection Agency. Compared to other metropolitan areas, the dri... Read More »