Who else wishes that Wikipedia would go on a permanent blackout?

Answer i could give a **** less if it goes down forever. its filled with **** that aint true in the least damn bit or its filled with **** that makes no ****** sense... plz excuse my language.

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DOOL: Who else wishes Nicole would just blurt it out to Sami?

That would make for some great drama... but it's not Nicole who spills the beans next month.

Who else wishes that the drill at the dentists was silent?

I can hear it now ... echoing through m'ears.

Who else would rather see ads than all these "personal appeals" at the top of wikipedia pages?

I'm with you. A lot of times, frustrated by a topic that seems to have no coverage outside of Wikipedia, I sigh and click on the search result link, and yeah, I am annoyed by those personal appeals... Read More »

I have little permanent injuries that can't be corrected with surgery, anyone else has similar?

I live with an ankle that doesn't bend fully and makes me gait off so that I have back problems.I live with two bad knees - one that could have surgery but I can't take the time off to get the surg... Read More »