Who else thinks eating out is unhealthy?

Answer Definitely eating out can be's been proven that people who cook at home...not the prepackaged food but who actually cook at home and watch their portions lose more weight and stay he... Read More »

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Is eating raw rice unhealthy in any way?

Raw RiceIt's not unhealthy, but the rice will swell in your stomach. If you eat a large amount, you could certainly have discomfort. In extreme cases, your stomach could even burst. This has actual... Read More »

How do I stop eating unhealthy?

lol @apple- funny. your food is appalling. there is no other word for it. the only acceptable food is the bananas.when you get cancer or diabetes from eating this way, then you will stop, guarantee... Read More »

How to Stop Unhealthy Eating?

In today's fast-paced world, many Americans have developed unhealthy eating habits. This usually is due to the ready availability of fast foods--which often are high in sugar, fat and salt--and the... Read More »

Who else thinks this too?

I believe that too.But I believe that it is already a part of Gods plan.He created a perfect world with humans who would not die if they followed his plan. Humans thought they had a better way,an... Read More »