Who else thinks drinking is over rated ?

Answer Well said, it worth a star for you. Let me add one thing: alcohol is a depressive. It is just an "illusion" that makes you feel happy, and that could be true for at least 2-4 hours. But after that?... Read More »

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Who else thinks jimmy hendrix is over rated?

Looks like you're on your own on this one!

Is there anybody else here who thinks Dr Frank needs to get over his fear of Alternative Medicine/ Therapies?

dr frank says he is a gp for more years than he cares to remember..this means he obviously cant conform to any change to the medical profession..he is afraid that maybe someday people will go to al... Read More »

Who thinks American Idol needs to have a section where the judges are rated,?

I believe rating the judges would be a great idea.I have not watched Idol the past two seasons due to poor judges.

Who else thinks this too?

I believe that too.But I believe that it is already a part of Gods plan.He created a perfect world with humans who would not die if they followed his plan. Humans thought they had a better way,an... Read More »