Who else keeps a Cache of the worlds web pages, other than google?

Answer The Internet Archive keeps a cache (and back history) of many websites. It's very useful if you want to compare changes in websites.

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How to Remove Generated Pages From Google Cache?

If the contents of a page have changed, and you no longer want Internet users to see what the page previously contained, consider removing the page from Google's cache using your Google Webmaster T... Read More »

Who else would rather see ads than all these "personal appeals" at the top of wikipedia pages?

I'm with you. A lot of times, frustrated by a topic that seems to have no coverage outside of Wikipedia, I sigh and click on the search result link, and yeah, I am annoyed by those personal appeals... Read More »

What other Terms other than "Jew" is offensive on google search?

I'm sorry, how is jew offensive in any way?

Other than google and yahoo,wat r the other searches?

msn,, wikipedia,