Who else is sick and tired of the cable company?

Answer THE CABLE COMPANY SUCKSWhat fried it for me is they are going to start charging monthly rental fees for each jack you have in your house!!! WTF??? $6.99 for your 'main" TV and $3.99 for each addi... Read More »

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Hallucinations when sick/tired?

this is all from being sickmake saying a small prayer to Jesus each day a before sleeping and after waking in the morningjust for protection against things that would make bad suggestion... Read More »

Sick and tired of co-sleeping, please help!?

He needs to learn how to sleep on his own or you'll have this problem til death do you part. Put him in the spare room. If he whines, stay with him for a little while, but don't cuddle or have se... Read More »

I'm sick and tired of getting hurt all the time?

It's hard when we feel our heart has been dragged through the mud. I felt the same way about women, especially after two divorces. Then I met a wonderful gal who has made such a difference in my ... Read More »

Girls: are you sick and tired of your hair?

YESS I hate that my hair is curly and not straight and because I have to straighten it it gets split ends faster so then i have to worry about gettin it trimmed all the time....