Who elects a House Representative?

Answer House Representatives are elected by plurality vote of the citizens in the district in which they are running. The exception to this is the District of Columbia, which requires a candidate to recei... Read More »

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Who is Florida's House representative?

Florida has 25 members in the U.S. House of Representatives. For example, Ander Crenshaw represents the state's 4th District, Alcee L. Hastings oversees the 23rd District and Connie Mack represents... Read More »

Louisiana House of Representative Requirements?

Like many states, Louisiana has a bicameral legislature composed of a state Senate and a House of Representatives. The House is considered the lower chamber because many of the proposed laws, resol... Read More »

How many House of Representative members are there in the United States Congress?

Public Law 62-5 passed by the U.S. Congress on Aug. 8th, 1911, set the number of representatives at 435. The numbers fluctuated a couple of times with additions of new states but were locked in as ... Read More »

Who elects whips?

Both U.S. houses of Congress (Senate and Representatives) have a majority whip and a minority whip. Their jobs are to make sure their party members vote according to party principles. Democrats and... Read More »