Who eats or preys on wasps?

Answer Despite a venomous sting and bright coloring meant to ward off predators, wasps have many natural predators. Landcare Research puts insects such as dragonflies, centipedes, spiders and other wasps ... Read More »

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What Preys on Peppered Moths?

Peppered moths are a type of insect that is distinguished by its camouflaging wing colors, which are mostly black or mostly white. The lighter-colored moths are known as "typica," because when the... Read More »

How to get rid of wasps?

Soak the nest good with the spray and a lot of spray should kill them.

How fast do wasps fly?

The Bumble Bee Organization sets the flight speed of hornets at 0.224 miles per hour and wasp flight speed at 0.094 miles per hour. However, flight speed for wasps is generally difficult to measure... Read More »

Gall Wasps?

Gall wasps are part of the Cynipidae family of insects. These insects are less than one quarter of an inch long and are usually red, black or yellow depending upon the species. They cause abnormal ... Read More »