Who eats first at a Japanese table?

Answer Japanese culture places a great deal of emphasis on group politeness, group harmony and respect for elders and those senior in experience. Generally, the first person to eat at a table is the oldes... Read More »

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What bird eats Japanese beetles?

A varied number of birds will make a feast of Japanese beetles, "such as bobwhites, eastern kingbirds, crows, European starlings, redwinged blackbirds, catbirds, song sparrows, robins and grackles,... Read More »

Who invented the first Japanese game show?

yeah. They changed it a little added a higher pitch part representing Ashton Kutcher.

Who made the first periodic table?

The periodic table visually displays the Earth's chemical elements in an organizes fashion. Many scientists contributed to the creation of the modern periodic table, but the table's first creation ... Read More »

Who produced the first periodic table?

Dmitri Mendeleev, a Russian chemist, produced and published the first periodic table of the elements in 1869. His periodic table contained all of the 65 elements that were known at the time, but i... Read More »