Who drilled the first oil well in pennsylvania?

Answer "Colonel" Edwin Drake drilled the first oil well, the Drake well, in northwestern Pennsylvania in 1859. His chose Titusville because of the large amount of oil that naturally leaked from the ground... Read More »

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Difference Between Cross Drilled & Diamond Drilled Brake Rotors?

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How is oil drilled?

Drilling for oil involves heavy industrial technology, research and a certain amount of luck to locate underground deposits, smash the rock containing the oil and transport the oil to the surface.O... Read More »

Can silestone be drilled?

You can drill through silestone, but you must wear a mask and ensure that no unprotected persons are at risk of breathing in dust produced by the drilling process. Dust produced contains crystallin... Read More »

Where was the first successful oil well drilled?

An oil well is a generic term used to describe any puncturing of the Earth's surface for the sole means of finding oil. One of the first of this type to be successful was the Drake oil well in Tit... Read More »