Who drew Tinkerbell?

Answer Disney animator Marc Davis drew the original Tinkerbell character for the Disney movie "Peter Pan." Davis worked for The Disney corporation from 1935 until 1978. He worked on many animated features... Read More »

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Who drew Disney's Tinkerbell?

Marc Davis was the lead animator for Disney's "Peter Pan," which was released in 1953. Davis and the animation team modeled the famous fairy Tinker Bell after actress Margaret Kerry, not Marilyn Mo... Read More »

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How old is tinkerbell?

Tinker Bell was created for the movie "Peter Pan," which was released by Disney in 1953. In 1961, the first Tinker Bell was hired to "fly" from Disneyland's Matterhorn during the fireworks display.... Read More »

How to Get Tinkerbell Bedding?

Tinkerbell bedding is a great way to bring Tinkerbell into your home by decorating your bedroom or your child's bedroom with an assortment of Tinkerbell memorabilia. A variety of Tinkerbell bedding... Read More »