Who does the sphinx represent?

Answer Some of the most ancient examples of great architecture still inspire the thousands of tourists who visit Egypt. And while some structures are more mysterious than others, the Great Sphinx has kept... Read More »

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What does a sphinx represent in ancient Egypt?

The mythological sphinx of Ancient Egypt had a lion's body because Egypt, like other near-eastern cultures, associated the lion with sun worship. During later dynasties, the sphinx also came to rep... Read More »

What animal body did the sphinx represent in ancient Egypt?

Although the head may be of different creatures, like a human, ram, falcon or hawk, the body of an Egyptian sphinx is always a lion. The largest representation of a sphinx is at Giza, on the west ... Read More »

What does the Sphinx symbolize?

Several theories attempt to explain the symbolic meaning of the Sphinx. Some believe the ancient monument is a testament to the evolution of man from animal, or man's triumph over beast. Another be... Read More »

Does the Sphinx have a tail?

The Sphinx of Giza includes a tail. The massive ancient Egyptian structure dates back to approximately 2500 B.C.E. and features a lion's body and a man's head. The tail exits the back of the lower ... Read More »