What kind of bass does Jeff Bradetich play?

Answer Jeff Bradetich is a musician, performer and teacher of the double bass. He has recorded six solo albums, including "Double Bass Portraits--A Musical Exhibition." In 2009, Bradetich released his boo... Read More »

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What does the surname Garcia mean?

Garcia is a very common Latin surname yet, ironically, the origin of this name remains somewhat vague.Theories/SpeculationSome maintain it is from the Celtic word "wars," which means boy. However, ... Read More »

Does Alan Garcia have any siblings?

What episode does Garcia become part of the BAU?

The program was cancelled in June 2011, after a run of 23 years. The network (Fox) made the decision to cancel it. Usually, when a long-running program is cancelled, it's due to declining ratings, ... Read More »

What episoide does Garcia start the BAU on Criminal Minds?

I'll have to say season 4 episode 24 "To Hell..." and episode 25 "...and Back". Both episodes are wrong on so many levels. Another disturbing one was season 5 episode 16 "Mosley Lane"