What episode of bones does Brennan get shot it?

Answer Season 4, episode 9, named The Con Man in the Meth Lab. She is only shot in the arm though, and basically recovers fast. (We don't even see her in the hospital)

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Which Bones episode does Booth fly all the way from DC for Brennan?

In the Season 1 episode the Man in the Morgue, he comes from DC to meet her in New Orleans when she is hurt, loses her memory, and is mysteriously involved in a murder. He also flies to the desert... Read More »

What job does Brennan have in the television series Bones?

In which bones episode does temperance brennan get attacked by a doctor or vet with a scalple or knife?

In the season five opener of Bones called Harbingers in a Fountain, Doctor Brennan gets stabbed in the arm by a doctor who was a suspect in the case.

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