Who does the voice of Harv in the movie Cars?

Answer The voice of Harv, Lightning McQueen's agent who is never shown, was provided by Jeremy Piven, a veteran voice actor. Piven has done voice work for the Nickelodeon show "Rugrats," as well as "Seinf... Read More »

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What tv show featured guinea pigs in the late 70's where they drove miniature cars and talked to each other with human voice overs?

The show that you're thinking of is called "Once Upon a Hamster" 9282 The main character was GP and he spoke like W C Fields. Can't remember anythingelse but would also love to know! Amanda Syd... Read More »

How Fast Does Lightning Travel?

"Lightning fast" is fast indeed. Though the speed varies according to atmospheric conditions, the typical lightning bolt moves at about 224,000 miles per hour, or 3,700 miles per second, according ... Read More »

Does lightning damage house wiring?

Lightning can send a power surge through your home, damaging its wiring. The surge can also damage appliances, electrical devices and other electronics that are tapped into your home's electricity.... Read More »

Does getting struck by lightning hurt?

no of course not. why dont u go outside wen there lots of lighting and try it out :)