When does the movie twilight come out for DVD and blu-ray?

Answer It comes out on march 21st!you can search for it on amazon.It is a 2 disc special edition and it says what is on it!!!I can't wait!! Can you?!?!

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I just saw twilight. why does everyone love that movie?

i have no idea i thought it sucked it was a teenie bopper chick flick that who all likes it

How was Twilight the Movie?

the movie was horrible.The book is way better.The movie does not give you much imaginations.Book lets you think the way you want

Was Twilight the movie any good?

1. It was kinda as good kinda not as the book. there are alot of differences but thats oky.2. OMG IT IS TTLY NOT!!! i wish my boyfriend read the book, i would ttly ditch him for a guy that reads tw... Read More »

Is twilight movie on direct tv?

the movie Twilight isn't on direct TV yet its not even on dish but, there probably going to start showing it soon because new moon just came out in theaters