What TV series does Jason Bateman play a writer?

Answer He had access to the blueprints as his firm was the one who built the prison. Also, he was able to copy the blueprints on his body in the form of cunningly crafed tatoos.

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What TV character on NBC does Jason Lee play on Thursday nights?

Jason Lee plays Earl in my name is earl on Thursday nights.

What show does Taylor Atelian play on?

She plays as Jim and Cheryl's daughter on 'According To Jim.'

What kind of guitar does James Taylor play?

While James Taylor played Gibson guitars earlier in his career, he currently plays a custom guitar built for him by James Olson of Minnesota. The relationship goes back to 1989, when Olson gave Tay... Read More »

Where did Jason Kidd play ball before the NBA?

Jason Kidd played basketball for St. Joseph High School in Alameda, California, where he led his team to two straight state championships. Kidd played two seasons at the University of California, B... Read More »