What is Dante's job?

Answer Guitarist for the awesome rock band Metallica

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Why does dante go into the inferno?

He was lost in the woods and being threatened by wild animals when Virgil appeared and offered him a way out through Inferno. The above is true, but it must be understood that the woods and the wi... Read More »

What is the origin of the name Dante?

According to Think Baby Names, the origin of the name Dante is Spanish, Italian and Latin. The boy's name means "lasting, enduring" and has seven variant forms: Dantae, Dantay, Dantel, Daunte, Dont... Read More »

How to Act Like Dante from Devil May Cry?

Who doesn't love Devil May Cry, especially its stylish main protagonist, Dante? This is how to act more like the Son of Sparda.

Do I need a reservation to go to Dante's Down the Hatch?

I've been there without reservations when I didn't have advance plans, but it wouldn't hurt to call them.