Who do you think was the first person to ever look at a chicken and think ...?

Answer Hey K.....I remember it well. It was a Neanderthal man riding on a dinosaur. He ate my baby! sob, sob

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Can a person get chicken pox twice?

Once you have chickenpox, you are considered immune; you will not have a serious infection again, but you may have a mild infection (called a breakthrough infection). Generally, if the virus become... Read More »

Can you pass chicken pox on to a third person?

He's had chicken pox. He will not get them again. If he doesn't/can't get them, he can't pass them on. People who "think" they get chicken pox a second time actually have shingles. Once a person ha... Read More »

How to Avoid Getting Chicken Pox While Helping an Infected Person?

Chicken pox (Varicella) is an itchy viral skin disease commonly caught by children before the age of 15, with most cases happening between the ages of 5 and 9. A vaccine, first available in the mid... Read More »

Can babies get chicken pox if in contact with infected person with shingles?

Answer Yes. Shingles are contagious, and if anyone comes in contact with an open lesion or blister, no matter what age they are, if they never had it before they will get infected by it. And yes, ... Read More »