Who do think is worst on american idol, best, who do think is going to win?

Answer Melinda and Lakesha should place in the top two and Sanjaya just needs to go home.

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What do you think of my fantasy baseball team on ESPN H2H 10 person league?

Um... I think that you should put your team up so that I can answer the question

My son is bi-racial. Do you think he will face a lot of prejudice if he tries out for his schools honkey team?

lets hope he has the team vehicle, a muddy pick up

Do you think the la clippers have become the dominant team in Los Angeles in terms of fans?

Perhaps they have, but in my opinion most of them are new fans and what they call "bandwagon fans." Lakers fans on the other hand have been around for a long time and are much more loyal. Most Clip... Read More »

What do you think is the most important characteristic a team must have to win The Amazing Race Asia?

I think the most important characteristic that a team must have in order to win the Amazing Race is FLEXIBILITY. They should be flexible to any situations and challenges. And most importantly, they... Read More »