Who do you think should play Michael Jackson in a movie about his life?

Answer Well, we need a white guy who molests children, and has an artificial nose to play the "new" MJ. And for the actual King of Pop black guy, I don't know...Denzel Washington?

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Serious Michael Jackson Q and can he get a star, so everyone can see this Do you think he predicted his life?

MJ is a very smart, sentimental man. I believe he was sad inside already. He was in despair. He felt stifled. Joe was controlling him too much, as were his brothers. His brothers still wanted J5 to... Read More »

Real Michael jackson fans!!! What Michael Jackson Video would you want to be the lead girl in and why?

in the closetthe way you make me feelremember the timeyou rock my worldyou are not aloneblood on the dance floor(:

Should we protest to bring Michael Jackson back to life?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i mean, idk, if u think about it he didnt really have anywhere to turn sadly, he was 500,000,000 in debt, people where rude to him, he was 50, and he was weak. poor mj!!... Read More »

Was Michael Jackson in switched at birth movie?