What do you think is the best mp3 player?

Answer iPod

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Are audio books best played on an Ipod MP3 player or MP4 player?

iPod and mp4 have the same quality. mp4s are better than mp3s.iPod and Mp4

Which is best :playstation or 3d blu ray player or simple media player?

As per ur requirement PS3 is the best. It has a 500 GB HDD too, which will make somethings easier for u. Also it is said that it is the best Blu-ray player. Its price may be a problem for some. I'm... Read More »

Who do think is worst on american idol, best, who do think is going to win?

Melinda and Lakesha should place in the top two and Sanjaya just needs to go home.

How to Think and Act Like a Player (Playa)?

A lot of guys think they are players purely based on material objects like what clothes they wear and what car they drive, or maybe even how much money they have. These things do not hurt but it ru... Read More »