Who do you think is crazier, Brittany Spears or Michael Jackson?

Answer so brittany spears she has been in rehab about 78 times and in jail also she is out of control not even a good singer and what kinda name is brittany

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Real Michael jackson fans!!! What Michael Jackson Video would you want to be the lead girl in and why?

in the closetthe way you make me feelremember the timeyou rock my worldyou are not aloneblood on the dance floor(:

Brittany Spears or Miley Cyrus?

Tough to answer. I hate both oh so very much.

What did Michael Jackson mean to you..Star if you miss Michael Jackson?

He meant absolutely nothing....and like most people,I don't miss him!!

Michael Jackson Fans: I have a serious question to ask about Michael Jackson...?

he's an accused child molester who nicknamed his son Blanket!!!do u not see something wrong there?