Who do you think Professor River Song is in Doctor Who and how does she know The Doctor?

Answer Instead of a female Jack Harkness, it could also be a child of Jack's. In the first season, on Satellite 5 there is a news bulletin about The Face of Boe have given birth, and later The Face is de... Read More »

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Who did the doctor try to call in the wedding of river song?

The Doctor tried to phone Sir Alistair Lethbridge Stewart. "The Brigadier" From his days as a UNIT advisor. The Brigadier made a brief appearance in The Sarah- Jane Adventures, helping to access a ... Read More »

Is the person that played river song in doctor who alive?

What does doctor whisper to river song in 'lets kill Hitler'?

In doctor who "the impossible astronaut" The child in the suit was that river song?

I don't think its actually been revealed you know. i have many theories for that. 1. It is the Doctor and River Song's child. This seems possible because they always meeting at different times so ... Read More »