Who do u think makes the best chocolate?

Answer Lindtt, or milka.. Or thorntons.. Or cadburys.. Or kraft.. Or herheys.. Or kinder.. Or green and blacks.. Pfft all chocolates the best chocolate!

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Who makes the best chocolate chip cookies,Chips Ahoy,Famous Amos,or Keebler?

If I were going to buy cookies and not make any then it would be Famous Amos cookies.

Who do you think makes the best fries Mcdonalds or Burger King?

mcdonald's. but that's probably because of the heroin in them.

Which camera company do you think makes the best cameras and why?

What is the best and worst movie M. Night Shyamalan has directed Do you think he still makes good films?

Best - The Sixth Sense, honorable mention for Signs.Worst - The Village.And yes, I think his more recent work show that he is slipping.