DIY: SLA Battery Chargers?

Answer A sealed lead-acid (or SLA) battery is often called a "maintenance-free" battery. Unlike conventional lead-acid batteries, a sealed lead-acid battery does not require the periodic addition of disti... Read More »

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Types of Car Battery Chargers?

Car battery chargers are used to help car owners who have a car that has drained its battery power. There are several types of chargers that someone can use. The type of charger someone selects is ... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot E-Z-GO Textron Chargers?

The E-Z-GO company designs and manufactures golf cars. It produces hundreds of thousands of golf cars every year, with a factory based in Augusta, Georgia. It sells more than 40 different models on... Read More »

How to Explain Car Battery Chargers?

A battery charger is an essential piece of equipment to have in the garage if you like to repair and maintain your own vehicles. Batteries going dead is simply a reality of vehicle ownership. Impro... Read More »

Are All Mini USB Car Chargers the Same?

Yes. As the name suggests, "Universal Serial Bus" is indeed universal. Whether mini or full size, Pin 1 is always +5 volts DC at 500 milliamperes maximum, and pin 4 is ground. Therefore, any device... Read More »