DIY: SLA Battery Chargers?

Answer A sealed lead-acid (or SLA) battery is often called a "maintenance-free" battery. Unlike conventional lead-acid batteries, a sealed lead-acid battery does not require the periodic addition of disti... Read More »

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How to Customize Dodge Chargers?

Customize your Dodge Charger to add individuality to your car and your own personal brand of style. Adding after-market interior accessories and options is very easy. While some accessories can be ... Read More »

Facts on Dodge Chargers?

The Charger is an American car produced by Chrysler and sold under the Dodge nameplate. The first Charger was introduced to the public for the 1966 model year with the intention of competing with t... Read More »

Are iPod chargers interchangeable?

Most currently-available Apple iPods–such as the Nano, Touch and Classic–use the same size and style charger and are interchangeable. Even iPhones and the iPad use the same type of charger. Thi... Read More »

Are All Mini USB Car Chargers the Same?

Yes. As the name suggests, "Universal Serial Bus" is indeed universal. Whether mini or full size, Pin 1 is always +5 volts DC at 500 milliamperes maximum, and pin 4 is ground. Therefore, any device... Read More »