Who do people get colds in the summer?

Answer Probley hayfever sort of like a cold but it is from the polen and crap in the air.

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What do emo people wear in the summer?

First of all, "emo" people not only suffer from cuts on their wrists due to self-mutilation, but also squeezing into tight black skinny jeans in the 100 degrees and plus summer heat. Being "emo" i... Read More »

;;Question for short tempered people in this summer season..?

I have no clue other than to say you might need anger management classes

What's a good beer for sitting under a tree of a summer afternoon and people watching?

hahaha love the question. go for a nice pint of bulmers, its the best on a nice day. or else a bottle of miller or corona.

How to Stop Getting Colds?

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